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Roger Burnett Art Blog

Oh what a pity!

by rogerburnett , August 11, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: bathing, maquette, sculpture

To continue from last week, here is the finished 1/12th scale maquette of my bathing figure. In the final life-size sculpture, water will pour from the calabash shell she holds from her outstretched arms.

D H Lawrence's poem, "Innocent England" laments a court decision to destroy his nude paintings. It begins:

Oh what a pity, Oh! don't you agree, That figs aren't found in the land of the free!

Fig trees don't grow in my native land; There's never a fig-leaf near at hand When you want one; so I did without; And that is what the row's about!

Likewise, fig-leafs are not easily found in Caribbean. I too did without and hence, for the time being, my innocent bathing figure must go a begging.



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