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Roger Burnett Art Blog

The same old thing

by rogerburnett , July 27, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: books

Creativity, by its very nature, brings into the world something different to what has gone before. It demands breaking down barriers and daring the unknown. The process is thwart with danger, for by-and-large the public prefer a repetitive diet of the same old thing. Even minor changes can create a backlash from those who have grown accustomed to a particular style or subject matter and anything major can create a revolt.

On the minor scale of change, today's picture shows two of my sketches. The one on the right is from my book "Virgin Island Sketches" and dates from 1980. In contrast, the one on the left is from my book "Caribbean Sketches" and dates from 1990. The later sketch is bolder and freer, but buyers prefer the tighter and more precise earlier style of things.

If I were to publish my more recent sketches - for yes, I'm still moving on - I am sure the collection would be blacklisted!



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