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Roger Burnett Art Blog

Body and Soul

by rogerburnett , July 14, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: painting

I am forever searching for different ways of presenting my work in the belief that there has to be more to exhibiting paintings than static pictures on walls.

One variation that I have been experimenting with is a fast-moving audio-visual presentation of images for the large screen. The theme is fifty paintings from my series "Daughter of the Caribbean Sun" fine tuned to a recording of "Duke Ellington's Body and Soul".

A watercolour no larger than a page from a telephone directory takes on a completely new visual experience when projected to the size of a house wall. One image follows other within seconds. Sometimes the screen is filled with the fleeting fragment of a painting. One such fragment illustrates this entry.

The presentation will be premiered this coming Saturday as part of an evening of music and poetry titled "Lyrics Under the Stars".



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