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Roger Burnett Art Blog

Practicing what I preach

by rogerburnett , May 31, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: models, painting

This week I have had to keep reminding myself to practice what I preach. It is easy to say forget about defining detail but difficult to loosen up, especially when there is the temptation to flatter the face and figure of a new model.

Fortunately, my models soon enter into the lyrical scheme of things and, more often than not, loosen up before I do.

Here are a sketch that came about towards the end of a first session, when freedom and a lyrical synergy between artist and model makes finish obsolete.




  Kentzler Mike ( homepage )

07/10/2013 * 07:40:16

Hey,The images are too cool and I want to say that practicing what we preach is very difficult as to say others is easy but to do the same is very difficult.
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