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Roger Burnett Art Blog

Starting Young

by rogerburnett , April 26, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: sculpture

Whereas my daughters Tania and Trina can claim they started their modelling career captive in their mother's womb, my son Tristan had been in the world eight months before modelling for his first sculpture. Now that he is ten, getting him to model is a different kettle of fish. A portrait bust that I started of him a couple of years ago dragged out so long that the clay turned to dust long before completion.

My sculptures have themselves brought children into this world. Behind the backs of the commissioners, I added a little boy to the maquette of my figures for Leeds City Centre. When called to account for this addition to their budget, I shrugged it off as the inevitable consequence of the couple's liaison.

Although children have featured in many of my sculptures, I confess that they are not my preferred subject. Mummy's little darling can soon become a fidgety thorn in my side.

The picture shows Tristan pointing out to me the errors of my work while it was at the initial clay stage. For details of the bronze cast, visit my sculpture gallery.



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