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Roger Burnett Art Blog

A fleeting glance, a scrap of paper and Vincent Van Gogh.

by rogerburnett , April 21, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: Working, from, life

In a fleeting glance, I saw the pose I wanted and picked up the first scrap of paper that came to hand - a white cartridge that is sold in the local supermarket at less than one EC$ for a A1 size sheet. The six-inch square I used cannot have cost more than five cents. A sheet of expensive watercolour paper scares me, whereas with this scrap I had nothing to loose. Ah, you might say, it buckles under a wash and has no texture. Well, so be it. I landed my catch!

And if you have difficulty reading between my lines and washes, I side with Van Gogh when he wrote:

" learn to make those very incorrectnesses, those deviations, remodelings, changes in reality, so that they become, yes, lies if you like - but truer than the literal truth..."

Note: This entry, originally dated 28th February 2011, is taken from the archives of my blog



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