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Roger Burnett Art Blog

Models in all shapes and sizes...

by rogerburnett , April 9, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: models

"Models of both sexes and all ages, shapes and sizes are urgently required for paintings and sculptures..."

The above is from an advertisement that I run in my local on-line newspaper. Occasionally, I land a catch. More often, I see a potential model in passing. I then have to pluck up courage to ask...that is how I met my Grenadian born wife and model 22 years ago.

She was ahead of me in a queue at the bank. From what I could see of her from behind, she had all the makings of an artist's model. When we got to the counter, the queue split: she went to one teller and I went to another. Alas, before I had finished changing my US$ to EC$ she had finished her business and left.

However, this was a model too good to miss. I ran down the street, tapped her on the shoulder and offered her a job. She now tells me that I gave her the shock of her life!

Denise has since modelled for many of my sculptures and hundreds of my paintings. She also coaches potential models. There are not many models who can claim the same track record.

The watercolour sketch is one I made of Denise yesterday as she hung out the washing - remember, we live in the tropics.

How long did the sketch take? Five minutes on one hand: fifty years on the other!



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