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Roger Burnett Art Blog

Life Before Blogs

by rogerburnett , April 5, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: sculpture

In the mid 1990's, in order to pursue my work as a sculptor, my wife and I left the warmth of my adopted Caribbean and returned to the North of England, the land of birth. Beneath the barrel-vaulted roof light of what was once a church assembly hall we created a studio that was reminiscent of the workshops of past masters.

My first major commission was for two life-size bronze figures for the small Yorkshire mill town of Sowerby Bridge. The town raised the money by public subscription - including jumble sales and door-to-door collections.

In order to promote the project I opened my studio to visitors and posted on the internet a daily diary of the work in progress. This was before the days of blogs. Indeed, some claim that it was the world's first blog! It was a bold initiative that paid off. The sculpture eventually won royal patronage and a national award. The picture shows the unveiling.

Over the coming weeks I will post extracts from my past diaries and bring you up to date with current work in progress.



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