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Roger Burnett

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As a painter I have spent a lifetime trying to capture colour. In particular, I have endeavored to define the colours that are to be found in the skin tones of my models. My struggles with paint are equaled with my struggles in verse. If you dip back into the archives of my diary pages to August 11th 2011, you will find my poem "The Colour Black". I wrote the poem in homage to Denise, my wife and model. It contains the verse: From the dark areola of her breast, Brown madder and yellow ochre merge. While sienna reds and blues subdued In deep purple shadows converge. More recently, a poem dedicated to Jessica, my current model, begins: In mellow tones my muse awakes, With subtle shades of amber glow..… Continue reading… 0 comments

In labour

by rogerburnett , December 29, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: Passion Love, bathing, life, maquette, models, sculpture

My diary entries for August 2nd (A haunting vision from long ago) and August 11th (Oh what a pity) tell about the conception of the life-size figure that is presently my work in progress. As in real life, conception is pleasant and painless, whereas giving birth can be agonizing. Although delivering the final bronze cast can drag on for many years, the completion of the work in clay represents the true birth. As you can see in today's picture, after a score of sessions with my model and many sleepless nights, the figure is beginning to take shape… Continue reading… 0 comments

Oh what a pity!

by rogerburnett , August 11, 2013—12:00 AM

Topics: bathing, maquette, sculpture

To continue from last week, here is the finished 1/12th scale maquette of my bathing figure. In the final life-size sculpture, water will pour from the calabash shell she holds from her outstretched arms. D H Lawrence's poem, "Innocent England" laments a court decision to destroy his nude paintings. It begins: Oh what a pity, Oh! don't you agree, That figs aren't found in the land of the free! Fig trees don't grow in my native land; There's never a fig-leaf near at hand When you want one; so I did without; And that is what the row's about! Likewise, fig-leafs are not easily found in Caribbean. I too did without and hence, for the time being, my innocent bathing figure must go a begging… Continue reading… 0 comments