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Roger Burnett

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In a fleeting glance, I saw the pose I wanted and picked up the first scrap of paper that came to hand - a white cartridge that is sold in the local supermarket at less than one EC$ for a A1 size sheet. The six-inch square I used cannot have cost more than five cents. A sheet of expensive watercolour paper scares me, whereas with this scrap I had nothing to loose. Ah, you might say, it buckles under a wash and has no texture. Well, so be it. I landed my catch! And if you have difficulty reading between my lines and washes, I side with Van Gogh when he wrote: " learn to make those very incorrectnesses, those deviations, remodelings, changes in reality, so that they become, yes, lies if you like - but truer than the literal truth..… Continue reading… 0 comments

Confronting the real thing...

by rogerburnett , April 16, 2013—12:00 AM

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A few weeks ago, I visited an exhibition that featured the work of regional students who had over the years, won top marks in the Caribbean Examination Council Visual Arts Examination. Many of the works were portraits in meticulous detail. A representative of the Council confirmed my suspicion that they had copied from photographs. Furthermore, it seems that students are encouraged to work from photographic references, whether it is a portrait, landscape or market scene. As a staunch advocate for working from life, this approach to teaching the next generation of artists, beggars belief. There have been occasions when I have sourced technical detail from photographs to ensure accuracy. The Caribbean postage stamps that I designed in the 1980's are a case in point… Continue reading… 0 comments