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Roger Burnett About

Like the Renaissance artists before me, necessity has made me a man of many parts: sculptor, painter, print-maker, publisher, boat builder, carpenter, book illustrator, engineer, inventor, architect, writer, film maker, postage stamp designer, broadcaster, poet, activist, sailor and adventurer. 3 comments


Forty-five years ago I gave up a secure job in engineering design, converted a derelict coal barge into a home and studio and with my first wife and one-year-old daughter, set sail for the French Canals. On the pavements of France, I declared myself as an artist and the pages from my sketchbook were our means of survival. My roving painting career gathered momentum and in the early 1970's when we sailed a thirty-foot ketch from England to the Caribbean. The warmth of the tropics gave my work a new vibrancy and thereafter the islands became my adopted home.

Those who toil upon the forge of art are fortunate: as the body grows older, the spirit gets younger. In my 70th year, I am attempting subjects that I dare not contemplate in my youth. Increasingly I find myself focusing on the figure. I am forever searching for the happy accident. It may be the watercolour wash that runs down the page with a mind of its own, or the model in the split second that she stretches between one pose and the next.

My Grenadian born wife has modelled for many my paintings and sculptures and in my workshops and life-classes, she shares her twenty-year's experience of modelling for the arts with students and potential models.

Over the years, my studios have ranged from a shack alongside an idyllic cove in the Virgin Islands to a cavernous church assembly hall in the North of England. My studio is now located in the lush Antrim Valley on the island of Caribbean island of Dominica.

In the 1990's I published a daily diary on the internet that followed my work as a painter and sculptor. Schools, colleges and individuals throughout the world accessed the site and some say that it can lay claim to being the world's first "bolg". I briefly resurrected the idea a year ago and I will use the blog section of this site to tell you more about my life and work.


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