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roger leblanc About

Design is an important part of my life and my hobbies reflect my love and appreciation of the natural and built world around us. I have a simple philosophy...GOOD ART OR DESIGN SHOULD EVOKE FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS in people... Add Comment


Architect, designer, photographer, painter...

People may love my work...or hate it...THAT IS QUITE OKAY! As an artist and designer my worst fear is that my work simply exists for people, evokes neither feelings nor comments nor imagination...that to me is artistic failure!

I have tried to select images of work that I felt inspired that had some beauty...some meaning...or some story to be told or simply seduced the imagination of the viewer! I hope during your visit here that you find some photography that you enjoy!!!

Please contact me if you have specific projects or imagery/photography that you would like performed on a custom basis. I also have a image library of over 50,000 photos from travels, interests and events.

Welcome to my site and thanks for looking, commenting or buying. I do appreciate them all!

Best regards



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