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Started out in art as a kid drawing pics to hang in my room.I loved to draw and would spend most of my time in my room listening to music and drawing my own posters since we couldn't afford to buy posters of my favorite bands and sport stars.

Started painting with a buddy as a way to pass time and more or less as a hobby.The more I painted,the more I started to grow with my abilities to paint.I learned to use different mediums and surfaces to paint on and developed an aray of diverse styles from Jackson Pollock to Bob Ross.

I have done so much in my life and as a military brat,moved around a lot.I have come to know many different cultures and have seen many different climates and environments along with the people in all parts of the world.For that I am very blessed and feel that that is where my influences have become a part of me as well as my art.

I feel that I am still growing in my art and the best is yet to come even though I beleive that the art I have been doing is special.My favorite is the drip style art influenced by none other than Mr. Pollock himself.Though I have never met the legendary artist,I really appreciate his essence in the art world.


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