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Sarah Hernandez About

Greetings, sir or madam, my name is Sarah Hernandez and my profession is that I am a student photographer, artist, and novice. My specialties include cameras, photoshop, Power Points, and other softwares, as well as art tools. I am determined to prove myself and will do what I can. My communication skills are proficient and well to do with my people-person personality. Although I am also a hard worker and very efficient with a creative mix to the lot. Add Comment


With a growing passion in art, Sarah Hernandez curiously prances down the path of photography to find her own style. Her pictures are wildly ranged, but the main focus of her work is of the wildlife and brilliant natural habitats of animals. Starting her life in the urban jungle of Chicago, her pace changed when she moved to the suburbs of Plainfield and found the enjoyment of calm nature. With some summer traveling experience, she has seen and photographed many lively and natural landscapes. Adding some touches of city life, and dramatic portraits, Sarah can incorporate varied photography subjects that won't disappoint and aims to show the true beauty it holds.


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