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by RobertVanNatta , January 29, 2012—08:55 PM

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I have been neglectful of my art sites. I need to be more aggressive in the display and promotion of my work. The companies are there for us to promote, we pay for them but if we don't use them, we fail as artists. Stay strong keep the faith, hope and joy for the arts.




  Marlene Mullet ( homepage )

09/07/2012 * 15:29:40

I think your work is great! I do pencil art and it's totally different than watercolor but I still appreciate any type of art.I just set up my own blog for the first time and am really enjoying it!I was at the art walk at the Amish Farm this summer but didn't do well.It wasn't advertised very well,don't know if that would have made a difference.But art is just really hard to sell,especially in our area.

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