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Robert H. VanNatta III Art Blog

Another Year Better

by RobertVanNatta , October 18, 2009—12:00 AM

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The years end is fast approaching and we should have much to show for it. Whether its the techniques or improving our style, from color theory to perspective, we should have learned something. Sales may have been slow, but growth can come from this as well. Maybe we were able to purchase another artists product, to add to our own collection or just encourage them in a small way. Maybe we were able to serve in an organization on a board or teach a workshop. Onward artists, prepare for the next year during the down times. Upload, network, download, relate, learn, promote, create, substantiate, instigate, loosen up let go. Feel the Flow.

Sincerely, Rob




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

10/20/2009 * 15:39:53

I like the painting with this and the positive message. There are so many ways to grow as an artists. Perhaps during slow economic times we would do well to put a different spin on the oil painters' adage "fat over lean". Use the lean times to develop and be prepared for the fat times.--Caroline

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