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Robert H. VanNatta III Art Blog


by RobertVanNatta , June 14, 2009—12:00 AM

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I am not dependent on the sales of my art, at least monetarily speaking. My being on the other hand is very dependent on a sale once in a while. This past week I sold 3 paintings, one from Artid's website and two other paintings to some individuals that I know. What a fantastic boost, I find myself pumped up and my creative nob turned to high. I think we could do this for each other. I know I often see art work and say to myself, I can paint that, and I don't consider purchasing it. Maybe the cost is prohibitive or it doesn't move. I know that I help in the organizations in my local area to promote the arts, but is that enough? We should become better patrons as well as better artists, I believe that they are inseparable. What do you think?



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