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Good Response

by RobertVanNatta , March 27, 2009—05:04 PM

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My new website has gotten good response. I am pleased with that, I know that my site is limited and I am still thinking I will upgrade to the silver membership at I just want to broaden my scope of clients that might purchase on line and this seems to be my best opportunity. I am also considering adding another domain name with a link to both of the present sites. Would appreciate any feedback.




  Peter Barnett

03/28/2009 * 20:09:27

Hi Bob,

For what it's worth, that was the path I took. I had a presonal website with a domain name, and began using my ArtID site as another portal to it. Now I have cancelled my other website (at $24/month), but kept the domain name ( and pointed it directly to my artid site.

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