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Robert H. VanNatta III Art Blog

Constant Tweaking

by RobertVanNatta , February 25, 2009—04:43 PM

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I am constantly evaluating the direction of my art work. Sometimes I will like the direction and and then there are times when I don't. My experimenting in a particular technique or gimmick has been helpful at times. Most often I will come back to a technique when I am having difficulty loosening up. It most often is a jump start into a new direction on a particular painting. Sometimes this process will lead me to major growth. On this warm sunny day here in Holmes County Ohio, I have faith in the the process.




  Millie Smith ( homepage )

02/27/2009 * 09:47:26

HI Robert,
I know just what you mean about evaluating your work. I seem to do the same thing often. Right now I have a lot of paintings started and just don't like the way it is going. I sometimes I get back to them--unless I have loat all inspiration on that piece, then it may just go in the drawer. However, I feel this is the way we grow in the process. I think I learn a lot from what I finish and those I don't. I keep on trying all the time. I do experiment a lot and sometimes it helps me along the way to get a little of what I really want to accomplish. Keep the faith. Milliegiftsmith

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