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Robert H. VanNatta III Art Blog

Keep the Faith

by RobertVanNatta , February 16, 2009—03:48 PM

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I recently had a conversation with a fellow watercolor artist Don Weisgarber about the economy and its effects on art sales. I believe people are still going to purchase paintings, not for the investment but for their soul. Paintings should move a person to feel or act in a positive way in their lives. The economy challenges an artist to paint even more intensely so the viewer is compelled to purchase the feeling for their wall. Now is the time to paint aggressively, not wallow in fear of the uncertain times we are experiencing. I constantly challenge myself on this subject, and hope to help others. Keep the Faith and paint!




  Mary ( homepage )

02/19/2009 * 15:08:22

Absolutely true and well said. Fear is a barrier to creativity and I think people need something to feed their soul more now than ever.



02/16/2009 * 16:43:15

I liked your blog. I feel the same way as you do about painting to appeal to people's feelings. It is a tough time now. I am trying to do just that. Look me up. Millie

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