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boundless gallery

by RobertR , February 26, 2000—12:00 AM

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Hi friends at boundless, I hope you are well and finding me here and on facebook, or

I am going to miss the blogging the most on boundless,

but if you have any questions or anything to share you can find me here!

I sell most of my work online and charge a flat fee of 59.00 that the customer pays for , I am very giving but shipping is not cheap! thats a flat fee of s/h

I have found my customers pay 300 or so with shipping online, but you need to charge 2 x as much at the gallery .




  Robert Rodriguez ( homepage )

02/28/2010 * 13:36:18


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

02/28/2010 * 12:58:08

Hi Robert,

Thank you for sending your clients/fans/friends to your ArtId gallery. I'm surprised about Boundless Gallery. My assumption was that artists were selling work and doing well on their website. I clicked your facebook link in the above post but it went some place weird. Can you double check it? I'd like to become a fan on your page.

Betsy Davison,
President, ArtId

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