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Roberta Mockus Art Blog


by rlmstudios , February 24, 2010—01:15 PM

Topics: RLM STUDIOS, Roberta Mockus, abstract, beauty, butterfly, goals, journey, original, transformation, yoga

This month even though it's almost over, I find I need to talk about transformation,my transformation..upon a recent injury to my lower back and other related areas to my body, I sit at my drawing table and work on my paintings in pure discomfort. These new paintings are detailed and meditative. A recent one that I have not posted yet is a butterfly. This my just sound like a simple butterfly but its not! I've been having the darnedest time finishing it. Then it came to me in my yoga practice why this butterfly was giving me so much trouble! My injuries, this butterfly....I'm transforming! The only way to finish this butterfly and to heal is to let it happen! What an AHA moment if I ever saw one! LIVE LIFE IN COLOR!





  catherine falu

04/11/2012 * 10:53:44

A beautiful butterfly with broken wings stagerring trying to lift off and feel the wind against her wings once again.I feel like that mostly everyday.delig with fibro for over 10 yearas I can identify with ur disconfort.Beautiful things always have a flaw,but that'S what makes us see things othhers r blind to.


  Kristin ( homepage )

06/04/2010 * 17:11:40

Beautiful! I love the connection between art, yoga and healing. Right on.

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