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Roberta Mockus Art Blog

Beauty in the Imperfect!

by rlmstudios , January 24, 2010—01:59 PM

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I am compelled to write about this...imperfection! Along with being a full time artist I am a committed yogi! With that I am encouraged to find in my practice the beauty of the imperfect and to honor that and be at one. As I continue my yogi journey and learn from my struggles and rejoice in my breakthroughs, it always reminds me that I have to treat my self with the same respect when I do yoga as when I paint! I am not perfect on or off the mat and off the mat I find myself in my studio thinking that I have to be to achieve that next beautiful painting! I will never get there until I honor my imperfections and find beauty and grace in the unknown and the "mistakes".

My new line of paintings are yoga bags and in this new little journey my inner voice is so loud right now, complaining that no one will want them or like them, or they are not good enough and people could go and get a manufactured one better. Then I sit and remind myself that there is BEAUTY in the IMPERFECT! I do my absolute best in every painting I created, every painting is me! I am love and kind, patient and caring...this all goes into my if it is not perfect in some eyes, that is ok, one day they will find beauty in the imperfect!





06/14/2011 * 06:41:05

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  Connie Vlahoulis ( homepage )

02/05/2010 * 09:25:26

They are gorgeous!

Many years ago when I learned Calligraphy, I worried about the same things---

So now I tell students the same thing you said-- plus with regards to Calligraphy-- we are NOT printing presses-- we are NOT cameras::: we are so blessed to be able to RE-create things in a human way.
I believe it is BETTER to have a wavy line here and there-- (or whatever) it reveals the lovely hand of a real person.

Rejoice in your talent(s)!

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