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Roberta Mockus Art Blog

January Happenings

by rlmstudios , January 10, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: RLM STUDIOS, Richard Diebenkorn, Roberta Mockus, abstract, art, creativity, goals, journey

Can anyone believe it is January already, and 2010 for that matter!?...Well I can not! Well here we are in the new year and my focus this year is to blog more and of course sell my work and teach. I find the most challenging aspect of being and artist is of course the painting, but getting the viewer to commit to a purchase. I am scratching my head daily to discover what it is the customer wants! I love the excitement when the viewer is engaged with a painting and the stories I can see that are swimming around in their minds, so I know that part of my job I did...but what about the other part..What really makes a person decide to purchase art? Daily, along with painting I commit WAY to much time in front of the computer networking and learning, which of course never goes to waste but OH how the canvas calls! I surrender to balance, I paint, I promote and the rest I leave alone. I only have control over myself and my presentation of work, the rest will have to work it's own way out. I have recently added a new dimension to my work and working on a prototype of hand painted yoga bags. So with this new venture comes its challenges and rewards and oh what a new window of creativity that has opened for I excited to be on yet another creative mystery and who knows.... So I have my goals, I need to make check lists and try not to stray to much from that, time in studio actually painting and really enjoying my process and to excite people with their visual journey! One never knows the end result, the focus is on the process and enjoying the journey. "If you dont assume a rigid historical mission, you have infinitely more fun" Richard Diebenkorn Dont forget...LIVE LIFE IN COLOR



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