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Roberta Mockus Art Blog

Reflection 2009

by rlmstudios , January 2, 2010—05:35 AM

Topics: Holidays, RLM STUDIOS, Roberta Mockus, abstract, art

Ok, Im recommitting for 2010 to blog more and do as promised, to discuss my process in painting and a little about what it means to me to be an artist! But before I do any of that I think if I bring myself through 2009 I will see and you will see a little of what goes on here at RLM STUDIOS. After not being involved faithfully to my art for 5yrs or more, my commitment to art everyday from 2008-now has been strong and even thought I need improvements in that commitment, I have kept it. In return, I have been in 7(i think, maybe more) art shows and selling at most of them. I won an award this year and have sold through my online venues, not enough but considering it has only been a year that is not bad! I have been able to introduce my Expressive Art to a hand full of wonderful students with the intention of bringing this to even more! I also have a permanate collection in a dance studio and have had the opportunity to display in other public forums. I have made beautiful connections with lots of talented people on and off line and this I am grateful for! Without connections I'm lost, it's important to share and receive for all of us to grow and become better at what it is we do. I have had the blessing to take some private and public workshops to expand on my knowledge and move past my limits as a person and artist! Who would have thought that any of this would be! Even with being layed off in the spring I have still continued to march forward! Of course I trip and fall but I'm supposed to, this way I can find my way?! I do want to tell you that sitting here typing this I now really really realize what I've done this year and I want to emphasize I. The challenges for 2010 are going to be more fierce and on FIRE for if I dont put it out there then how on earth will I ever find it?! Being an artist and showing my work and then selling it, IS a scary thing but no scarier than anyone else and their challenges! Happy Happy New Year and remember, LIVE LIFE IN COLOR




  Roberta Mockus ( homepage )

01/03/2010 * 13:37:16

thanks for your comments!


  Jody Coughlin ( homepage )

01/02/2010 * 09:26:20

I really enjoyed this post. I agree with your sentiments. I sometimes trip and fall too, but lately, I have tried to slow down and take a look at what I have done with my time as an artist in the last year. I lost my job about a year ago and have been trying to make my way as an artist full time ever since. I had days when I felt like I accomplished nothing. I've looked back recently and realized even through the roughest frustrations I still painted. Still took photographs. I just kept going anyway. I see that same spirit here in this post! I wish you the best of luck in 2010. I think it is going to be a very interesting year for many people!

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