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Roberta Mockus Art Blog

November Happenings

by rlmstudios , December 3, 2009—02:34 PM

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November Happenings!

I wanted to share what is going on inside RLM STUDIOS.....well so many many exciting things I don't even know where to begin!...(focus, focus!) Laughing I left off last time stating that my life as an artist is really no different from anyone else. I bring myself into my studio daily and go about my small tasks and routiens before I actually paint. I get tea, check emails and submission dead lines. I check my journal and focus on the painting tasks of the day with a series of warm up exercises.

This month as I prepared for two shows I recieved an award from the Piedmont Show I had enterd in the summer. As rewarding as this is, it can play havack on one's work. So on these new pieces I was working on, do I continue with what I know works because of the award, or do I honor the award in my mind and move on so I can still grow and develop?! I choose the later. It's easy to take my level of achievements and gloat and never progress for fear of not "getting it right" in the next painting. I am the best artist I can be today, that is all I'm given and I do take past learnings and apply but in order to become a better artist I have to be willing to go into unknown waters and float around and find my way back to shore with new discoveries. Along the way I have to also remember to enjoy this, for if I can't enjoy it, there is really no reason to be doing it.

So this weekend in Middletown, CT at MAC 650 is our show Dia De Los Muertos! This show was very exciting for me to learn about and perpare for my participation in it. My theme focused on dance and the movement and excitement of it can be! Come check us out November 7th 7-10pm.

Also November 13, 14-15th is our Annual Open Studio at Artspace Hartford! I will be giving away a painting this weekend! Make sure you stop by my booth on the fourth floor and enter to win!

So see I have deadlines, goals, ups and downs with sometimes not even wanting to go into the studio to paint but once in then it all just works itself out.


Live life in color



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