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Roberta Mockus Art Blog

December Happenings

by rlmstudios , December 1, 2009—10:50 AM

Topics: December, Holidays, RLM STUDIOS, Roberta Mockus, abstract, art

Happy December and HOLIDAYS to all! This months news letter will be a bit different with focus on celebrating life, color and our self!

First I want to annouce the winner of my give away at Open Studio in Hartford last month. Terry Walters, the author of "Clean Food" won a painting of mine. I had the pleasure of going to her home to deliver and had a wonderful time chatting a bit and meeting her mom and daughter! I am honored that she placed her new art in her home to appreciate daily, an artist couldn't ask for much more. Terry may it fill your days with color and passion!!

On a different note as the holidays are upon us, I continue my rountines in my studio taking steps forward and back on my journey as an artist, hitting the high notes and lows in my work. I reflect and take the work in as my personal journey though life! I recently lost my cable access and discovered I had a nastey habit I was not aware of. I was not connected to me or my family fully if the TV was on or could be turned on. Now being with out it I realize just how much I would use it as an advoidence to not face life head on! This means digging deeper into my work, my relationships, my everyday small or large tasks. Cable will be installed again but next time I go to turn on the TV I will have a different appreciation for it and will practice for it not to be a habit again but to replace that habit with a new one. Oh, I know, I can paint more or connect healthier with my family.

Happy Holidays All and remember to live life in COLOR!





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