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Roberta Mockus

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This month even though it's almost over, I find I need to talk about transformation,my transformation..upon a recent injury to my lower back and other related areas to my body, I sit at my drawing table and work on my paintings in pure discomfort. These new paintings are detailed and meditative. A recent one that I have not posted yet is a butterfly. This my just sound like a simple butterfly but its not! I've been having the darnedest time finishing it. Then it came to me in my yoga practice why this butterfly was giving me so much trouble! My injuries, this butterfly...… Continue reading… 2 comments

I am compelled to write about this...imperfection! Along with being a full time artist I am a committed yogi! With that I am encouraged to find in my practice the beauty of the imperfect and to honor that and be at one. As I continue my yogi journey and learn from my struggles and rejoice in my breakthroughs, it always reminds me that I have to treat my self with the same respect when I do yoga as when I paint! I am not perfect on or off the mat and off the mat I find myself in my studio thinking that I have to be to achieve that next beautiful painting! I will never get there until I honor my imperfections and find beauty and grace in the unknown and the "mistakes"… Continue reading… 2 comments

Can anyone believe it is January already, and 2010 for that matter!?...Well I can not! Well here we are in the new year and my focus this year is to blog more and of course sell my work and teach. I find the most challenging aspect of being and artist is of course the painting, but getting the viewer to commit to a purchase. I am scratching my head daily to discover what it is the customer wants! I love the excitement when the viewer is engaged with a painting and the stories I can see that are swimming around in their minds, so I know that part of my job I did...but what about the other part.… Continue reading… 0 comments