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Roberta Mockus

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I look at art work every second of my existence ...i study the masters, read, practice and practice....then i get hit with the wonderment and spontaneous simplicity of art by children. Ages 3 and up...but mostly art from the 3 and 5 year old and their easy and simple views of life and imagination!..There is no drama and second guess of placement or color is what it is. Awh the beauty in this so simple statement of color and shape.… Continue reading… 0 comments

This month even though it's almost over, I find I need to talk about transformation,my transformation..upon a recent injury to my lower back and other related areas to my body, I sit at my drawing table and work on my paintings in pure discomfort. These new paintings are detailed and meditative. A recent one that I have not posted yet is a butterfly. This my just sound like a simple butterfly but its not! I've been having the darnedest time finishing it. Then it came to me in my yoga practice why this butterfly was giving me so much trouble! My injuries, this butterfly...… Continue reading… 2 comments

I am compelled to write about this...imperfection! Along with being a full time artist I am a committed yogi! With that I am encouraged to find in my practice the beauty of the imperfect and to honor that and be at one. As I continue my yogi journey and learn from my struggles and rejoice in my breakthroughs, it always reminds me that I have to treat my self with the same respect when I do yoga as when I paint! I am not perfect on or off the mat and off the mat I find myself in my studio thinking that I have to be to achieve that next beautiful painting! I will never get there until I honor my imperfections and find beauty and grace in the unknown and the "mistakes"… Continue reading… 2 comments

Can anyone believe it is January already, and 2010 for that matter!?...Well I can not! Well here we are in the new year and my focus this year is to blog more and of course sell my work and teach. I find the most challenging aspect of being and artist is of course the painting, but getting the viewer to commit to a purchase. I am scratching my head daily to discover what it is the customer wants! I love the excitement when the viewer is engaged with a painting and the stories I can see that are swimming around in their minds, so I know that part of my job I did...but what about the other part.… Continue reading… 0 comments

Reflection 2009

by rlmstudios , January 2, 2010—05:35 AM

Topics: Holidays, RLM STUDIOS, Roberta Mockus, abstract, art

Ok, Im recommitting for 2010 to blog more and do as promised, to discuss my process in painting and a little about what it means to me to be an artist! But before I do any of that I think if I bring myself through 2009 I will see and you will see a little of what goes on here at RLM STUDIOS. After not being involved faithfully to my art for 5yrs or more, my commitment to art everyday from 2008-now has been strong and even thought I need improvements in that commitment, I have kept it. In return, I have been in 7(i think, maybe more) art shows and selling at most of them… Continue reading… 2 comments

November Happenings

by rlmstudios , December 3, 2009—02:34 PM

Topics: Holidays, RLM STUDIOS, Roberta Mockus, abstract, art

November Happenings! I wanted to share what is going on inside RLM STUDIOS..... well so many many exciting things I don't even know where to begin!...(focus, focus!) Laughing I left off last time stating that my life as an artist is really no different from anyone else. I bring myself into my studio daily and go about my small tasks and routiens before I actually paint. I get tea, check emails and submission dead lines. I check my journal and focus on the painting tasks of the day with a series of warm up exercises. This month as I prepared for two shows I recieved an award from the Piedmont Show I had enterd in the summer. As rewarding as this is, it can play havack on one's work… Continue reading… 0 comments

December Happenings

by rlmstudios , December 1, 2009—10:50 AM

Topics: December, Holidays, RLM STUDIOS, Roberta Mockus, abstract, art

Happy December and HOLIDAYS to all! This months news letter will be a bit different with focus on celebrating life, color and our self! First I want to annouce the winner of my give away at Open Studio in Hartford last month. Terry Walters, the author of "Clean Food" won a painting of mine. I had the pleasure of going to her home to deliver and had a wonderful time chatting a bit and meeting her mom and daughter! I am honored that she placed her new art in her home to appreciate daily, an artist couldn't ask for much more. Terry may it fill your days with color and passion!! On a different note as the holidays are upon us, I continue my rountines in my studio taking steps forward and back on my journey as an artist, hitting the high notes and lows in my work… Continue reading… 0 comments