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Rick Cavanaugh Art Blog

Shrimp on Fire Urchin, Lembeh Indonesia

by rickcavanaugh , November 26, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: coleman shrimp, marine life, reef, saltwater, scuba diving, scuba photos, shrimp, underwater, urchin

While the technical side of photography is necessary for good images underwater, however this is not enough to create fantastic images. Interesting subjects with fantastic colors can make the great image.

Understanding the relationships that exist in the underwater world makes finding the interesting creatures easier. One of the more interesting relationships is commensalism, where one animal lives in close association with another and benefits from the relationship while providing no benefit or harm to the partner.

Coleman shrimp are normally found in pairs on the toxic sea urchin, Asthenosoma varium, or more commonly known as the fire urchin. The female is the larger of the two shrimp. The two hitch a ride on the fire urchin and receive protection by living within the poisonous spines.

Coleman shrimp move amongst the poisonous spines without incurring harm. The also clear an area of these obstructions where they live.



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