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Rick Hallberg About

A native of Miami, Rick has been active as an illustrator and artist in South Florida since 1981. Primarily a portrait artist and muralist in South Florida, he has many commissioned works to his credit, from both private and corporate alike. Rick devotes himself these days to his first love, watercolors. Add Comment


I have always had a great attraction to watercolors for as long as I can recall. Attending art festivals in my youth, I remember always gravitating to the booths where an exhibitor was displaying watercolors. To me, a great watercolor lives and breathes unlike any other medium. I most admire the loose and free style of Impressionists like Ron Ranson, Tony Couch, Barbara Nechis and so many others. It is always inspiring and motivating to see great works such as theirs and others. The wonderful thing about painting in general, and watercolor in particular, is that you are always learning and improving.

Thanks for visiting my gallery. I will have much more to come in the weeks ahead. All the best to you.


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