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Rich Lau About

I am retired from the printing industry where I learned the art of color reproduction on analog and digital presses. Now I paint and reproduce what I love on canvas. I have been painting landscapes, ocean scenes and other venues and most recently I have been painting some of my friends dogs and owner portraits. It brings me joy and so far my portraits have brought happiness into the homes of my subjects. A single subject 12x16 portrait is $192 and a two subject 12x16 portrait is generally $288. 1 comment


My dad was a lithographer. He learned his trade during WW II in the Army. He kept our men on the front up to date with the news. He worked with printing plates, ink and paper. I followed in my dad__™s footsteps and worked most of my career in the printing industry. Now, semi-retired, I express myself with paint on canvas instead of ink on paper.

While in the printing industry I traveled the country conducting digital printing seminars teaching the finer points of accurate color reproduction on press. This prepared me for the painting I enjoy now.

I love color and that is what I laid down on canvas first. I did landscapes, ocean scenes, and colorful paintings of the scenery that surrounds me here in the Southern Rockies. I tried my hand at Impressionistic Painting and Abstract Impressionism but neither of these really filled my soul. I have enjoyed my painting but something was missing. I found my paintings pleasing but not inspiring.

For a friend, as a gift, I painted her pet. She really loves her dog as most of us do. The painting turned out to be really delightful. The love and happiness expressed in the dogs face really made us both feel good. She commented that the painting captured the Elvis smirk her dog sports while prancing around the house. I did another dog painting for friends and they were thankful and amazed at what was captured on canvas.

Dogs have the ability to express surprise, love, curiosity and many other emotions in just a look. One of the happiness things in the world is your dog greeting you when you come home. I really enjoy capturing this on canvas and I wish I could paint everyday.


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