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Lin Collette About

I'm still defining who I am as an artist but I'm most interested in collage, mixed media, and geometric work Add Comment


I have always been amused by disparities between appearance and reality, especially when it came to figuring out what people were really thinking behind that stoic, solid exterior. I loved to look at photographs of politicians and other serious folks whose photos were in the newspaper and speculate about their thoughts and opinions versus what they were obliged to say or do. In addition I had developed a fondness for placing historical images out of context, or in situations they might not normally find themselves. This might include a proper Victorian lady in a saloon. Eventually these two pastimes developed into my series of bookmarks and tags showing vintage people making modern remarks. These are along the lines of Anne Taintor__™s work only using people from decades further removed from the 1950s and 1960s.
Over the years I have also developed a love for pasting pieces of paper together and seeing what works and doesn__™t work. I use a wide variety of papers, juxtapositioning expensive handmade papers with cheap newsprint, stamping over the papers with different designs and colored inks, tearing or cutting as the spirit moves me, and covering sections with other papers just to see what sorts of patterns develop. I__™ve come to use the designs that have arisen out of these experimentations in collages using my historical people, in pins and other pieces.
Lately I__™ve been thinking about geometric shapes, using images of modern people to say retro things, shiny baubles, and old vinyl records, cds, and floppy disks. What does this all mean? I__™ve no clue but am ready to find out.


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