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Paradox Regained

by RetroCollage , September 28, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: Kant, Surreal, collage art, ding an sich, impossibility, impossible, metaphysical art, noumenon, paradox, paradoxical, phenomenon, philosophy, sense data, thing in itself

How does one see the impossible? Sometimes by means of the paradoxical...

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Somehow, during centuries of viewing drawings and prints, people have become accustomed to seeing the artificial conventions of grouped lines and dots as representing relative degrees of shading in pictures. But our eyes do not normally see shadows and shading as groups of lines or dots, which don't seem to exist outside of drawings and prints. This paradox is strangely central to the use of wood engravings in surrealistic collages: ...

Certain schools of philosophy assert that we are incapable of knowing or seeing the world and the objects in it as they truly are; we can only construct approximations of them from the data fed us by our senses. If this is so -- if we can never know things as they are in themselves -- it follows that ...

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