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Renuka Pillai About

STATEMENT My artwork is expressive and colorful, my goal is to give the viewer an emotional experience when viewing each painting. My foundation in academic realism influences the recurrent themes in my work which may be landscapes, portraits, human figurative paintings or still life compositional arrangments employing realism as an unifying ideal. Furthermore, I have worked in abstraction- working as a minimalist and then using symbolic derivatives as an abstract expressionist to explore broader narratives. My work at times happens to show an impressionistic tendency. The diverse subject matter addressed in my work is connected with a common regard for beauty, atmospheric tone and the timelesness of artistic expression. Add Comment



Renuka Pillai was born in Kandy, Sri-Lanka. She grew up in East Africa and her artistic career began in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she joined the Addis Ababa Fine Arts School and completed her undergraduate degree. She travelled to Europe and was exposed to many styles of art. She got her Master's degree in Art in the University of Montana and has moved to California where she continues to be inspired by the light and natural terrain.

Her work started with realistic renderings from life, later it took on an impressionistic flavor. She took an interest in studying abstraction and currently enjoys painting plein air and does realistic renderings of human imagery from life.

She does commissioned portraits and pet portraits.


She is a member of the following associations.

Laguna Woods Artists Association

Southern California Artists Association

Saddleback Art League

Dana Point Artists Association (formerly the Niguel Artists Association)


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