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Renee Troy About

Art seems to run through my veins. It is the essence of who I am. When I want to feel at peace I create. Art sustains me and keeps me happy. 2 comments


I was born and raised in New York City during the best of years, 1946-1976 for which I am grateful and proud of.

When I started working I had the opportunity to work in the garment industry in Manhattan where I acquired my passion for fabric and textiles. I designed children's clothes in the Empire State Building and, believe it or not, never visited the top.

I also started my interest in calligraphy during those years but only dabbled. It wasn't until after I came to L.A. that I took up the art of calligraphy and became self taught. When I discovered the Society for Calligraphy around 1979 I immersed myself in it by taking classes from many of the world renown lettering artists and took up the profession seriously.

After almost 30 years I still earn a living doing calligraphy among many other things particularly 3-dimensional art, altered/collage/mixed media art. I also create one of a kind art dolls and jewelry which is a wonderful new field for me however, my true passion is "the word" and mixed media collage.


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Los Angeles
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