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I took my 1st and only painting class a Watercolor workshop in March of 2008. There was only 3 days of actual painting lesson. So, I am a pretty much a self tought watercolorist so far. I am looking forward to becoming a student of Tom Lynch in April of this year and also a student of Susan Harrison-Tustain of New Zealand in July of this year. 1 comment


I came from the County in Oregon, USA. I was one of 5 children and have been drawing since I was two.

My grandmother had an amazing artistic talent and she always told me I take after her.

We were very poor and I was so excited to sign up or a painting class in my 1st year of Highschool. To my regret and dismay, I had to my leave the class within 3 days because I learned it would cost money that I did not have. It was also required that I have someone, to stretch a canvas for me and build a frame. Thye assumed everyone had a someone to do this for me. My Mom was ill. My father had left us and I had no one. I left the class with my heart in the throat and fighting tears. Since that time, I put all my desire to paint on a back burner with alot of bitterness attached. Even later when I was on my own with plenty of money, I did not face this pain when I thought of painting. I blocked it out so I never got started fulfilling my dream until now. My husband stopped at an Art store on impulse and took me in. I picked up a paint brush and those old feelings came to the serface. My heart paounded with excitement! I signed up for that 1st class that very day. I have raised my 5 children and am now a grandmother. It took me so very long to find that piece of myself that I had lost along the way. Thanks to my husband.

My passion for Art has never died.


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