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A Brief Introducation to SHAHPURA PHAD PAINTING Popular of India A Part of Indian and Cultural This was first of all initiated by my fore father__?__??s in SHAHPURA 311404 Rajasthan Since 1629 A phad is usually displayed as a panorama in the phad is rolled on a stick. Howver a single phad painting is also prepared in different sizes. NATURE :- Among the Various Schools of e.g. Ajanta, Mughal, Rajput, Kishangarh, Bundi, Nathadwara kota, tonk, wall painting of Bhilwara etc. which have more or less qualities in common, phad painting is something unique and appealing in its own way. How ? The depiction of the the same in its totality and the colour sheme there of enshrines a peculiar presentation of the painting pleasing to eyes like any thing which is further enriched and enhanced by the hard earnest style of the artist coupled with the rhythmical beauty and grace of its movement, tempo and force. For its theme of subjects, the phad painting include folk tales, stories related to various gods and goddesses e.g. PABU JI , DEVNARAYAN, RAM DALA, Related to the Ramayan ) KRISHNA DALA (related to the Lord Krishna) MATERIAL USED:- Khadisilk, Cottan Cloth and Canvas the mercury based stone colour are used whose shine and durability are gurantee. Washable others colours are also Used according the choice of the person__?__??s which are used for bedsheet, pillow covers and saries. The painting is shaped sizeds-miniature, middle and large. We also have command over wall painting of all sizes. ITS WIDE SCOPE :- By far the most advantageous and beneficial scope accruing to the Customers is related to the researchers in phad painting residing overseas or in the country. They may safely rely on us for the guidance and supply of required data and material. Such research scholars are already in correspondance with us. Moreover myself or my father can can be conveniently required to personally come over to their places. Besides our services are also made available for imparting training to would be for which have ample experience to our creadit. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND :- The historical background of the is traced to 600 years back which has exclusively been initiated by joshi family SETTLED AT SHAHPURA AND NO WHERE ELSE. Shahpura had been erstwihle princely state merged in Distt. Bhil. after the indepence of India NEW ACHIEVEMENTS :- Recently taditional phad paintings has also proved a powerfal means of depecting historical events like invasion Mahamud Gajnavi on somnath temple, the battle of Haldigati between Rana Prantap of Mewar and Raja Mansingh of jaipur who was emperor Akber's genaral , johor of Rani Padmini , elopment of Sanyongita by Prithvi Raj Gangor sawari of SHAHPURA Estate, Millenium Super Star Amitabh Bachchan Phad Year 2005 We have also successfully tried our hand in dipcting other spheres and the same can be made known. It was in the year 1629 that phulia pargana of which present Shahpura, had been a part, was allotted to Raja Sujan Singh in lieu of his services by the Emperor ShahJahan. Later on the capital Phulia was shifted to newly settled town named Shahpura in honor of the Emperor ShahJahan. The Joshi family had already initiated and developed this much earlier to the existence of Shahpura which happened to be one of the Princely State in Rajasthan. It is to be particularly born in mind that the entire credit of initiating phad painting goes exclusively to Joshi family of Shahpura which is settled at Shahpura 311404 (Distt. Bhil.) Rajasthan and nowhere else. This historical background of the is traced to 600 years back related to Joshi Family. But now our is changing to do justice to the modern and Contemporary in accordance to the prevailing trend. LASTLY LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF AS UNDER I have received full traning in the phad under the guidance of my father Shri. Shanti Lal Joshi who enjoys the previlege of National Award Winner. This honour was bestowed upon him by Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma in 1991 Shri. Sharma happened to be the president of India them om my Part I, too, had the previlegde to display appeause of many crities. Despite some odds all the members of my family are creative busy to keep a live this valuable were highly appreciated and won the esteemed appeause of many crities. Some odds, all the member of my family are creatively busy to keepalive this valuable . Your favourable reaction to this Email is eagerly awaited. With best regards. Yours Faihfully Vivek Joshi Add Comment


My name is vivek joshi from Shahpura Rajasthan India

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