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Reenie Kennedy About

Reenie's work is gloriously rich with color and realism. She was named a finalist in The American Artists Magazine 2008 Cover Art Competition and is an honored member of The International Realism Guild. She is also an Associate Member of the Women Artists of the West. She has been accepted for the past three consecutive years into the American Juried Art Salon which considers her to be one of their Master Class Plus Artists. Reenie believes things should be beautiful, they should fit your style, and they should last forever and ever. With a unique talent to bring vibrant color to her work, she attempts to lift the spirit, give rise to a slow day, ignite a spark of enthusiasm, or bring relief and perhaps a grin to an otherwise dull moment. 7 comments


After keeping her artistic talent at bay for many years, Reenie found a reinvigorated love for expression through painting. While she studied art in college and with various successful painters as a young woman, she found little time for her artwork until she no longer felt the pressing needs of working and raising a family. She has resumed her studies but now considers herself to be self-taught.

The desire to create was always resting just beneath the surface, and when the opportunity arose to semi-retire, she eagerly did so. This allowed her to start a children__™s mural painting business. The urge to work on canvas won out, so she began the creation of her ___Ebony Collection.___ The collection was a success and encouraged her to broaden the scope to other floral genre. Reenie has a unique ability to capture the blooms as though one was ___in the bloom__™s peak moment.___ All her work is gloriously rich with color and realism.

Her original works are currently being offered for sale on her website at Many of her works have been accepted into the American Juried Art Salon competitions where she is considered a Master Class Plus Artist with her own web page on their site. She was also honored for her work in September 2006 by The Emerging Artists Group.

Reenie__™s work hangs in private collections across the country.


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