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Rebbell Watts About

painterly impressionistic style, bold vivid color...take a look and tell me what you think. All comments are appreciated. Add Comment


Rebbell Watts was born in Brazil, Indiana. I relocated before I started school to Shirley, Arkansas. This is what I still consider home. I loved to make art, painting and drawing, but Shirley had no art classes. I sold colored rose drawings to classmates for a dollar a rose in my early teenage yrs.

At the age of 17, I relocated to Springdale, Arkansas. I was introduced to my first art class and recieved my first "outstanding art award".

I continued to create my art with no further instruction.

In 1997, I relocated to Tahlequah, Oklahoma and several years later I was college bound. This is when I met world renowned artist, Lance Hunter, and pursued an art degree. After intense study of color, creative design, and human figure, I accomplished a BA in Art.

Years of aristic expression, perserverance, and professional guidance made it clear that I was no longer a dreamer but an artist.


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