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Ronny Bailey About

Ronny is a 6th generation conch(local Key Wester) and a self employed carpenter for over 30 yrs. This has allowed him to recreate Key West History in great detail thru his miniature houses. Add Comment


Ronny Bailey, a 6th generation Key West, FL native has spent his entire life refining his artistic skills. As a young man he learned how to repair and restore old tin roofs from his father. Then his carpentry skills became well defined thru 30 years of working to restore the century old wooden houses. He developed a passion for the preservation of the old Key West, the simplicity of old times. The beauty of these old homes can be seen all throughout "Old Town" sections of Key West.However, these beautiful unique houses are quickly disappearing with all their history. Ronny has been salvaging and rescueing the old Dade County Pine and the rusting tin from the homes being renovated. He has begun replicating the simple past beauty of the Key West lifestyle by using these historical materials in his artwork. He recreates local houses and histoircal landmarks in miniature. He displays the patina only 100 years of time could create in his unique artwork from the roof top to the porch railings. All details are hand made from either old wood or the old metal. This makes his hand crafted chickens 100 years old!! Nearly all the coloration on the wood is the originally discovered patina, often using 2 different colored sides of the same board. The years of painted layers come to life with Ronny's portrayel of simple life on his porches and even on the inside of some of his latest houses. You feel as if you walk right onto the porch!

Ronny has had no formal art studies. He relies upon his hands on experience working on the old houses. He creates these replicas in a waterfront workshop. He will work off of a photograph of the house he wants to replicate. Often these are only black and white historical pictures. Some local landmarks no longer exist. His artwork has been on display in numerous juried art shows in Florida. His houses can be fouond hanging in local homes and as far away as Chicago and New York. He replicates local landmarks as well as comissioned local homes by their owners.


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