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Sisyphus Gets Stoned - Free online ebook by Canadian writer and artist, Rayanda

by rayanda , March 23, 2010—02:50 PM

Topics: Sisyphus, comedy, drama, free ebook, free online read, humor, one act play, parody, play, rayanda, rayanda arts, religion, short story

Hilarity ensues when Sisyphus helps a bereaved father on his quest to find God. Enjoy this featured one-act play by Canadian artist and writer, Rayanda. Original cover art photography and photo manipulation by Rayanda.

"No Exit + Abbot & Costello. Rayanda, you've always got something up your beautifully-designed sleeve!" - Helen Winslow, author of Seven Blackbirds

"Rayanda, What a fun, creative read. Maybe we are all just a stone's throw from heaven. Glad to have you around to create and share. I hope others find this and love this as much as I have." - Jed Diamond, author of The Whole Man Program: Reinvigorating Your Body, Mind, and Spirit after 40

"A really fun, thoughtful read." - Tammy H. Nam, VP of Content and Marketing at

Download and read for free on any mobile device at



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