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Ratnakar Ojha About

_____Life is full of both good and bad, negative and positive everywhere even in nature. Life____™s changing patterns are complex and mysterious. I find solace in painting these ever changing patterns of life/nature._____ Ojha's trademark is vibrant colour and figurative work not to mention the reflection of extremes of emotion that his "people" experience. He has caught women in a pensive mood, their melancholy evident in their slanting eyes and inward gaze. These unforgettable figures leave an indelible;impression on the inner eye even as they captivate. Having been born in a village in the Keonjhar district of Orissa, in 1957 for Ratnakar Ojha it was painting or nothing right from the word go. One of his strong influences has his grandmother. "She used to make clay dolls for us to play. She also encouraged me to do something about my interest in drawing and paintings." reminisces Ojha. Besides, the natural surroundings of his village in Orissa reinforced his use of dramatic colours in his paintings He studied at the Government College of Art and Crafts, Khallikote, Orissa ; Khairagarh University; and at the Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. In 1983, Ojha had his first solo show at Jehangir Art Gallery. He had over 24 solo show apart from many prestigious group exhibition in India and aboard and is known for his abstract landscape and figurative paintings. 1 comment


R a t n a k a r O j h a

1957 - Born in Orissa.

Art Education - D.F.A. (Painting) 1979 from Khairagarh University

- G.D.Art (Metal Craft) 1983 from Sir J.J.School of Art

Selected solo shows:

1983 - Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

1984 - Artists____™ Centre, Mumbai.

1984 - Bhubaneswar, Organised by Orissa Lalit Kala Academy.

1985 - Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore, Under the auspices of the

Indo-German Cultural Society, Bangalore.

1989 - Arreesa Art Gallery, Mumbai

1991 - Designscape Art Gallery, Mumbai

1991 - Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

1994 - 16, Teenmurti House, New Delhi,

1997 - Artists____™ Centre, Mumbai, organized by The Gallery.

1998 - Galleria, Mumbai

2000 - Artists____™ Centre, Mumbai

2005 - Hacienda Gallery, Mumbai

2005 - Vinnyasa Premier Art Galery, Chennai

Selected Group Exhibition/Participation:

1989 - We____™89 at Academy of Fine Art, Calcutta.

1992 - _____The Search____™ at The Gallery, Chennai.

1993 - _____DIRECTION-1____™ at The Gallery, Chennai.

1994 - Joint Show with J.S.M. Mani at Gallery Aurobindo, New Delhi.

1996 - _____Women in Indian Art____™ by The Gallery at Visual Art Centre, Hong Kong.

1997 - _____ AN ODE TO INDEPENDENCE____™ celebrating 50 years of India____™s Independence by Apparao Gallery

at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; Air Gallery, London.

1997 - _____The Indian Beast____™ by Apparao Gallery at Shridharini Gallery, New Delhi.

1998 - _____Highlight____™ by Galleria at Academy of Fine Art and Literature, New Delhi.

1999 - _____Miniature Millennium Collection by Contemporary Indian Artist____™ at Galleria, Mumbai.

2000 - _____IMAGES OF WOMAN____™ groups show of 16 Senior Artists working

with _____Woman____™ as their theme at Galleria, Mumbai.

2000 - _____WORKS ON PAPER____™ by group of selected Artists organized by

Gallery Art Resource Trust, Mumbai in Collaboration with Sumukha Gallery.

2000 - _____WALL OF COLOUR____™ by Galleria at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

2000 - _____India Visited____™ Indian Contemporary Art, group show at Gallerie D____™ Art Amrita Dyalah, Mauritius.

2001 - _____I am moved____™ A charity auction of Indian Contemporary Art in aid

of Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund at The Peshwa, Holiday Inn, Pune.

2001 - Indian Contemporary Art, Hong Kong, by Saffronart

2002 - _____Artist of the month February 2002____™ presented at

2002 - _____A Panorama of Indian Contemporary Art____™ at Art Circle, Hong Kong, presented by gallery Maya.

2002 - _____Harvest2002_____ by Arushi Art Gallery, New Delhi

2003 - _____Works on paper____™ online exhibition by

2003 - _____INDIAN CONTEMPORARY ART AT IT____™S BEST____™ by Intex, Colours on Canvas, Dubai.

2004 - _____Vision 2004_____, San Francisco

2005 - Abstract Gallery, Bangalore

2005 - _____TRILOGY_____ Legacy Art Gallery, Mumbai


Air-India; Premier Automobile; Hotel Kumaria Presidency, India International Art Centre, Bajaj Auto Ltd., Orissa Lalit Kala Academy, Broadcast Worldwide Limited, Go Go International, and Several individual collections In India and abroad.


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