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Robert Schueler About

A social architect co-creating and co-designing systems of utopia. Currently working on "Dream BIG Dreams" THE PROCESS of making THE MOVIE about a small town boy manifesting his dream big dreams with the help of local towns folk and George Washington, who got missed placed via a worm hole in time and space...was heading home but landed in Mount Vernon ..Iowa by 'mistake'... Add Comment


My seven part series of art shows.

1. Testament of Will, seven volumes of illuminated manuscripts. Poetry and paintings.

2. Patterns of Thought, multi media art show based on work with electroencephalograms. Book, mural, drawings, paintings, television show and series, sculpture.

3. D.O. The Path of Peace, multi dimensional art show centered on 'peace' and a walk across America with 'the great peace march' culminating on a contemplative prayer meditation walk up the stairs of the George Washington Monument in Washington D.C.

4. The Centerpeace, my only group show at Prince of Peace Chapel Aspen Colorado.

5. The Story of Art, Rasa Gallery and studio art show.

6. Native American Medicine Wheel Encompassing America, center at Camp Courageous.


8. Infinite and Eternal Blessings World Tour....on going, my last and final art show.

My art shows and life are based on a journey through the chakra system...culminating in co-creating and co-designing systems of utopia.


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