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piero lorenzini About

My name is Lorenzini Piero and I am an Italian designer with a long experience on the Opera House. I've worked in many places in Italy,France,USA,Japan and more.I'm a sculptor and I like to make decorative masks. 2 comments


I'm Piero Lorenzini,an Italian designer with a long experience on the Opera House.

I am the director of all designers of the "Festival of Two Worlds" in Spoleto,Italy, and I am the manager of "LA NATURA MASCHERATA__", a Company that is involved in artistic hand-made masks related to the Arcimboldo fantasy Portraits, the famous Italian painter of the 16th century.

I realize a series of masks using the natural elements (flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, mushrooms, shellfish, etc.).

All masks are made by hand, each one has a guarantee, which specified the exclusive creation.

The Masks are to be puting on or used as decorative objects for interior or for collectors, a symbol of the Italian style.

They have been sold with a great success in the ___Mus__e du Luxembourg___ in Paris, in the ___Kunsthistorisches Museum___ in Wien, and in shops in Venice, Florence and Rome.


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