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Alfred A. Dolezal Gallery Out of Sight, Yet in View

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Out of Sight, Yet in View
36" x 24" x 2"
Painting / Oil
Art Nouveau
$2,600.00 Purchase

Out of Sight, Yet in View

LIFE IS A REPETITIVE EXPERIENCE OF SEEING PEOPLE AROUND US LEAVE THIS EARTHLY REALM. Henry Van Dykeâ??s story, â??Gone From My Sightâ?, describes a ship leaving the shore to head out to sea. A man watches her gradually diminish in size until the speck disappears on the horizon. Someone at his side says, â??There, she is gone!â?. â??Gone where?â? the man asks. The disappearance of the ship is only out of his range of sight, but in actuality, the ship is the same as when she left the harbor. At another port somewhere far away, the ship appears on the distant horizon and becomes larger and larger. The people watching from the dock shout with joy and anticipation, â??There she comes!â? This is what dying is - your spirit is no longer confined by a human body. You shed the negativity and pain of the previous existence and you review and integrate everything you have learned. After a period of rest, you prepare to return for the next episode in the journey of the soul. And so, life is a constant observation of people coming and going for every sunset is a sunrise somewhere else. (With the use of fluorescent paint, the shipâ??s arrival may be viewed in a darkened room.) Matted 8 x 10 inches unframed - $25 framed - $50 Matted 11 x 14 inches unframed - $40 framed - $80 Matted 14 x 18 inches unframed - $50 framed - $130