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Alfred A. Dolezal Gallery The Trial of Time

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The Trial of Time
24" x 30" x 2"
Painting / Oil
Art Nouveau
$3,800.00 Purchase

The Trial of Time

"THE TRIAL OF TIME" (2012) Throughout this life and others, We have been conditioned to accept certain beliefs about ourselves and the world. Many organized religions understand and employ the concept of separateness very well. In order to succeed and to control, they depend on people needing their belief system, and what better way to establish need then to make an individual doubt their own inherent spirituality. You can choose to flow with the stream of the collective consciousness and experience that journey, or you can choose to submit to the creations of your own thoughts and enable the stream of creative energy and abundance to flow freely through you. The Trial of Time illustrates this life drama. A man sits in an hourglass. He forces his arm through its narrow opening and strains to hold on to the provisionally accepted past, but by doing so, slows down the natural flow of the sand. The peach, created by the interrelationship of sunshine, water and carbon, represents cosmic intelligence but is also a symbol for longevity. Plants use the natural cycle of growth, bloom, decline and decay to insure the continuation of its species. Mankind similarly progresses through the four phases of life: learning, evaluation, teaching and incubation. The future will only become replica of the past unless you focus on the present. Matted 8 x 10 inches unframed - $25 framed - $50 Matted 11 x 14 inches unframed - $40 framed - $80 Matted 14 x 18 inches unframed - $50 framed - $130