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Alfred A. Dolezal Gallery Simultaneous Time

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Simultaneous Time
22" x 28"
Printmaking / Lithography
Art Nouveau
$180.00 Purchase

Simultaneous Time

Having learned to live with the teachings of the Copernican Revolution, that the sun is the center of our solar system, our minds are challenged by Nostradamus' theory of simultaneous time. In the metaphysical dimension of eternity, there is no past, present, or future - all occur at the same time. While in a nonphysical state, the entity has the ability to travel anywhere in space. In the painting, the hand symbolizes the unlimited power within our grasp. The apple portrays the wholeness of all existence. Together they form the center of spiritual awareness from which any time and expanse can be focused upon. In the foreground lies the pre-existence of the Egyptian pyramids. Clockwise we view the idea and intention to create a monument that will stand for all time; the planning, preparation, and organization. The building site grows to the state of completion. The day this is accomplished, the decay begins, gradually leading to their destruction and beyond to their post-existence.