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Lisa Chavez-Thomas Art Blog

Getting ready for Market

by rainmoon , July 30, 2009—11:55 AM

Topics: Indian art, Native American art, Santa Fe Indian Market

In approximately three weeks, Santa Fe Indian Market, the largest and most prestigious Native American juried art market will showcase the work of over 1200 talented artists and craftspersons and thankfully I am one of these artists. Every year, for the past five or six years at about this same time, I go into panic mode, simply due to the fact that I am such a procrastinator!! Now I find myself, getting up early and staying up late, but the creativity and productivity is flowing out of like an arroyo after a summer t-storm. hope to see some of you at market!!





06/28/2017 * 13:10:14

Hi Lisa
Love your work..I have been trying to get in touch with you about how to buy one of your cute gourds..I saw them last year at the "Indian Market"..I would like to know the price of the little one (about 6 or 7 ) inches high with the headdress..I do have a picture you let me take of her ...Thank you so much

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