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Samuel Ruggieri About

Samuel Ruggieri is a "struggling hack artist" trying to officially enter the art world and drop the "struggling hack" moniker after many decades of toying with the idea while working his day job. His many interests include drawing, writing, painting, animation, and 3D modelling. Add Comment


Born in 1977 on Christmas Day, Samuel Ruggieri has always had a passion for art, drawing what ever came to his mind during his days at school, and also became interested in computers ever since his mother became a Computer Programming Analyst in the early 1990's.

He went to UCF in 2001 to study Computer Science, but swithced majors a few years later to finally obtaim his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Media in 2006. He also has an Associate in Arts Degree in Computer Engineering Technology from Valencia College, graduating in 2008, on the heels of a terrible economic crisis. When he reached a low point in his life when his job prospects were dim, a friend saw a painting that Samuel did in his college days, and recommended that he start painting. Inspired by this moment and by watching the Joy of Paining with Bob Ross, Samuel decided to start a new chapter in his life and turn a hobby he had for decades into a active second career. He continues to push himself to create masterpieces worthy not only for selling, but for brightening up dead spaces on walls and to push his talents further in an ever competitive world.


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